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What is the purpose of a blog?

I know a lot of people ask this question because I have asked myself many times the same statement. My Father was brought up in a generation that worked hard and that meant making calls,Door-Knocking, And waiting for people to come to the office. And that did not include updating your Facebook status! Well now its 2020 and oh how times have changed…..blogging not only boost search engine optimization by allowing you to put relevant keywords on your platform. But it is positioning your website/social as an expert on different topics.

let’s imagine I’m on Google or that you are your own customer. You need someone to get you out of a traffic ticket after speeding 90mph in a 70 on the way home from a baseball game one Sunday afternoon. The reason you are so nervous is because this is not your first ticket and you spoke to your buddies and one has a dad who is a lawyer and he say’s you’ll have to pay BIG fines.Well you probably have a lot of questions and Google rewards those sites and Social media platforms that answers those questions. Blogs work for all business models including Lawyers, Insurance agents, Dentist as well!

This is one of the best ways to utilize keywords in your blog. If you are a Spanish-speaking lawyer, A criminal defense attorney who specializes in DUIs then you could take advantage of what you know to optimize your social platforms. And help this person not feel all of the stress and anxiety that they are already experiencing. Allow yourself to be the Doctor who is there to fix and alleviate there problems.

How often should you be uploading content?

If you are not posting daily then at least several times a week is definitely necessary in order for you to position yourself online. Quality content is super important to have a fully optimized website but any content is better than none. Gary Vee is a poster child for consistent, sustainable and slow growth and year after year it seems as if he is winning a little bit more and other mass marketers are losing. A blog is kind of like an article or newspaper or even a book!

Where if someone is looking to learn from a professional about black wall street, computer programming or whatever it is you specialize in. Your potential client will spend countless minutes and maybe hours reading about what you posted. And do not be afraid to speak on what makes you different. Some of your competition take the easy road out and copy and paste other articles that they don’t really write themselves. This is a big NO, NO and there are several websites setup to check for infringement. One of those websites being Copyscape where you can easily check who may be hounding your titles and content!

So basically posting relevant, precise and packed information is the way to go. Short blogs are fine as well but make sure you answer the title question the best way you know how instead of just trying to lead everyone into a funnel. Remember you can only speak to so many people at once. So let your blog do it for you when your not around!


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